GRiNDTerra Industries – Universe Terraformed V1.1

GRiNDTerra Industries - Universe Terraformed V1.1

Completely changes the Universe! Turns the old boring vanilla biomes into New Awesome Chocolate Biomes! Replaced boring Biomes with BRAND NEW Biomes. Compatible with everything! Great for a NG+ Witness the beauty of the Starfield and check out the pictures! No bat files, ini files, or any requirements!

Take a look at the images first! Before is vanilla, After with just this mod turned on. Adds in brand new biomes made by me. I am not going to upload pictures of all my new biomes find them yourself!

It alters how the biomes will generate. Increases chance for rocky areas to spawn and increased the chance of vegetated even more. Technically speaking the increases are in the zones that these objects are placed not in the actual vegetation or rocks themselves but after making a bunch of biomes I figured it out. Not just a changing biome density from low to high reworked all biomes except oceans.
Turns forests into forests and gets rid of those boring vast fields of nothingness. With no performance impact?

But wait, isn’t there any ini proc gen change that does this?
NOPE. The ini change affects different values than what this mod does. The ini change pretty much turns the procedural generation engine up to 11, whereas this turns the biomes themselves up to 11. That’s why there isn’t a performance hit like the ini changes.

How many new biomes and how will I know which is which and where is where?
19 At the moment see below. All new biomes have unique names.* If you have any issues with the text not working right it is an issue with your Strings folder. That is where all the names are stored.
Biomes got swapped around, moved, replaced, and upgraded so all the planets are now different. I won’t even try to say what planet has what new biomes etc as it is a lot.

How did you choose which biomes to replace?
I found 59 biomes that are not unique in really any way and are all empty with basic rocks not even any cool ones. Not surprising but they are all no life planets. So I moved in my opinion more boring vanilla life biomes into the no life section replacing ones off my list of 59. Put in my new biomes in the spot of the moving life biome. And then tagged the appropriate biomes so they won’t spawn flora or scannable fauna.

Will this break worldspaces or POI or quests?
No. it just changes the scenery around them. might break your “immersion” but that’s about it.

Performance: I didn’t run into any noticeable performance change somehow even on the densest biomes. Seriously. I get 55-60 fps which is the exact same I would get in Vanilla no mods. nothing noticeable but I use high preset ultra grass dlss no dynamic resolution all vanilla setting changes to my liking. I have a decent rig but it’s not high or top end. I used no starfield custom ini changes and only one other mod sprint stutter fix. If you think you might have some issues try this mod first, I sprinted around the whole time to help test for performance and with this mod active I had no issues.

Don’t want all my awesome new biomes or denser vegetation and only want that vanilla swirl?
Optional file that only increases density of ALL biomes and no biome swapping or new biomes.
Optional Vanilla Density Biome swap file. The new biomes are scaled to same as vanilla so they are just naturally more dense.

Optional Planet Replacers: Highly recommended they all use the new biomes. Not the same as my other mods but kind of. Both in vanilla and modded density.
Three variations of a Realistic lively Earth with Jemison and Akila Fauna. Allowed Human Location and Spawns
A new Vectera with Kreet Fauna.
A new Venus with “Lore Friendly” Fauna.
What this doesn’t include but highly highly recommended:
GRiNDTerra Planet Procedural Generation and Scannable Biologicals *This the mod to increase fauna.
GRiNDTerra Gameplay Overhaul

Install Instructions
As of now this requires plugins.txt enabler. You could also use any ASI loader for the plugins.txt injection I just recommend sfse. You should not use the testfile way but do at your own risk. these will be removed once mods are officially supported and in time will have no requirements.

Follow plugins.txt install instructions and then add *exactfilenameincludingspacesandcapitalletters.esm to your plugins.txt

Only incompatible with mods that do the exact same thing.
This won’t turn up the density of other modders biomes, biome swaps, or planets etc.

Adding or removing from a save: Make sure you are in space and not on a planet. This will cause some clipping issues with your outposts. It is possible your outposts’ biome got swapped and your outpost could be in let’s say an interesting place. Even if the biome is not new, there are more rocks and flora being added onto the map and it may or may not affect your outpost but most likely. Make sure you back up your save beforehand.

I really just wanted to get this out asap so This is my goal for this mod until we can add new planets.
*19 of 59 planned New Biomes two updates adding twenty in.
More Biomes! I still have a bunch planned and might not stop until I replace them all?(Probably won’t happen until after CK)
Create another version with no Biome swaps and put all my new Biomes on new planets in a new system.
Create a worldspace for GRiNDTerra Industries HQ on Vectera.


Aurreth for her Planet Data
elm for the Xedit

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