Human Activity on Earth – Man-made Points of Interest V0.1.3

Human Activity on Earth - Man-made Points of Interest V0.1.3

Opts Earth into human POI generation by removing the LocTypeNoHumanPresence keyword from the planet.
On almost every inhospitable barren rock in the Settled Systems, you can’t walk a few kilometer without stumbling upon abandoned human structures infested with pirates, spacers, ecliptic and the like, but somehow Earth is completely devoid of signs of human activity outside of a dozen ruins.
It is much easier for humans left on earth to put on a spacesuit or build a hab on Earth than for them to travel to and live on Titan.
Even if Earth is 100% sterilized during the sputtering, nobody thought of returning to Earth in the last 130 years? The player can travel to Earth and build outposts there, but must we be the only person with this idea?
There are all sorts of legal and illegal human activity on much less habitable worlds in the solar system. Worlds such as Pluto, Titan, Mercury, and Venus. Why not Earth?
Perhaps humans collectively decided to leave Earth alone out of respect for the dead, but that is never communicated in game and requires out of universe post-hoc rationalization, which is not satisfactory.
This ESM is built using the official release of xEdit for Starfield, but is created in a non-standard way. It is tested extensively, but feel free to be careful.

Plugins.txt Enabler

Install Plugins.txt Enabler. Make sure you enable plugin loading for Starfield in whatever mod manager you’re using.
Install with mod manager such as MO2 or Vortex.
Install, uninstall, update whenever you want. It doesn’t matter



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