Real Accurate Moon V1.0

Real Accurate Moon V1.0

Luna always disappointed me in Starfield. My first impressions were, “This looks absolutely nothing like the moon.” I was sorely disappointed by the ground textures, the billions of rocks everywhere. The moon was supposed to be just gravelly sandy dunes for endless miles with craters. I’ve longed for a mod to change this and after working in xEdit for over 5 days on this project, it’s finally come to life.

What this mod offers:
A Complete biome overhaul of Luna. No more will you see tons of giant rocks on a moon that never had them. You’ll see nice sandy dunes for miles, as the stars intended.
Removed rocks from biome entirely. No more random gen rocks.
Biome name changed from “Craters” to “Dunes.” No worries, this doesn’t change other cratered biomes, only Luna! It is unique!
Completely changed the ground textures to be less rocky and brown and more gray and sandy! Now it truly evokes an experience like no other.
Altered themes to attempt to allow for more presence of things like fracking stations and science outposts, because who wouldn’t want to study the moon??
Set Biome Density to high (no life) vs the vanilla, low (no life). Now there should theoretically be more POIs to explore!
Optional version which removes human presence on Luna, so now you can be the first to colonize! Natural POIs will still be present to explore.

Now Luna can be the most immersive moon in your Starfield experience! Get those boots sandy, Explorer!

This theoretically should work on existing saves, but already discovered markers and landing sites likely won’t be affected and will still have their original look.



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