Sensible Planets V1.0

Sensible Planets V1.0

I’ve liked the idea of mods like desolation and immersive planets but I feel like they each had their own flaws. They weren’t precise enough. Desolation made worlds too empty and too few populated with humans. There were no natural POIs. Immersive planets had a similar issue. More barren planets had no POIs, thus leaving no reason to even explore them. This is where I’ve decided to create my own mod to fit my needs and I thought I’d share.

Adds human conditions for planets to meet so that human life and human POIs can exist. All of the conditions do not have to be met. Only one does. For example, If the planet has Flora existence but no Fauna existence, It can still harbor human life and POIs.

The conditions are as follows:
If the planet has a select few traits
If the planet has any Flora, be it Primordial, Moderate, or Marginal.
If the planet has any Fauna, be it Primordial, Moderate, or Marginal.

I feel that these fix a major issue with mods like Desolation that allow only human life on planets with oxygen. I feel as though planets with plants and or animals should have human life.

If the planet has an Oxygen atmosphere, regardless if its thin, standard, or strong.
If the planet has certain forms of water.

Planets can have CO2 atmospheres or N2 and still have human life if the conditions are met.

If planets don’t have at least one of these conditions, then it won’t have human life present. I felt this gave the game a good balance between completely lifeless planets and planets with human life and lots to do.

I’ve also tweaked biome density settings so planets have more POIs regardless of having human life or not.
Planets now have much more POIs to explore, even barren rocks.

Planets with no human life won’t be void of things to do. They will now have loads of natural POIs (Caves, geological features, craters) to explore. At least a minimum of 10 at each landing site. Now you’ll feel like a true space explorer with more to look at and explore than just rolling hills.

Planets with Human life will be more populated with human made structures depending on if it’s in a settled system or classified as a civilized planet. There will now be way more human and natural POIs to explore. exploring planets like Sumati will now likely have like 10 to 35 POIs to explore when landing.



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