Magnus the Magnate’s Outpost Production Shenanigans – Sorters Splitters Skimmers Sellers V3.1

Magnus the Magnate's Outpost Production Shenanigans - Sorters Splitters Skimmers Sellers V3.1

Adds new Builder/Fabricator types.
Sorters: Sort input containers with different resources. Into output containers containing only 1 resource
Skimmers: Skim overproduction off the top and forward to storage. Avoids clogging up
Sellers: Auto-sells resources and manufactured goods
plus Splitters and CredStick containers

all required 39 resources come in on one end.
all 30 manufactured goods flow out the other end
everything all neat. with input/output containers for every fabricator

Unless you use similar mods or are targeting a similar setup. This mod and it’s fabricators might be of not that much use to you.

Created and outpost with 39+He3 cargolinks. It actually worked. But 40 shuttles coming and going was SOOOO NOISY.

Decided that I need to aggregate the resouces in aggregator hubs and fly them into my production outpost all mixed together.
So only one incoming cargolink. Much more peaceably noice wise.

But kept running into a lot of “issues”. Let’s start with the ones I found other mods to solve:

Other Mods

Fabricator Placement

I doubt I am the only one that thought placement of fabricators is a pain. And snapping would be lovely.
Well..fresh off the presses. And hopefully!!! working: Fabricator Snapping

Cargo/Container Capacity

Resources are heavy. Capacity of cargolinks and containers are a joke.
All containers have the gauges. Which are quite neat and useful to easily check if there is over or underflow of resources or intermediate manufactured goods.
But they are made with them blasted “unknown REFL”. Which is not decoded and items that have them can’t be altered with xEdit.

But Starfiled is weight based and cargolinks/containers capacity is defined as weight.
So if you make resources lighter. More fits into containers.
I use the 0.01 resource weight version of Weightless Junk by the marvelous ToxicWhiteout.

large container can hold 30’000 resources.
intra-system cargolink flies 30’000 resources at once.
inter-system one 50’000 resources

(if you use weightless version. All containers become infite storage. But container gauges don’t work correctly anymore)

Container/Cargolink chains are the devil!

Container/Cargolink chains are the devil fps wise. They kill it mercilessly.
I had set up all my gathering and aggregator outposts with 10 stack of large containers for every resource for buffering.
Cargolinks are very ficle divas.
They throw fits for many reasons. One being input/output connected containers being full! 10 stack containers avoided their tantrums.
But I ended up with FPS in the 7-8 range. Not fun.

Once I figured out that it’s the chains. I looked around and found The Spice mod by the fabulous Eiswolf999.
Which has universal containers with a capacities between 10’000 of 75’000.
Totally standalone in the sense of not using standard containers. So no “unknown REFL” screwery.
And yes with 0.01 resource weights. The big one can hold 7.5 million resources 🙂

After replacing all my 10stack buffer containers with one 75k capacity universal container.

My FPS went back up to 13-15. Not great at all. But compared to 7-8. Smooth as butter 😉

Long container rows and terrain

Goal of everything looks neat. long container rows. And non-flat terrain.

No good mix!!!!

B.A.S.E mod by the one and only LuxZg has foundations of different quite big sizes. And neat container snapping.

That’s it for other mods used. Let’s get to the meat of this mods. It’s new fabricators.

Container with mixed resources -> Containers with one resource per container

After throwing out the super noisy “all resources come in neatly separated on 39 different cargolinks” approach.
And swithced to bringing them in with one cargolink. But wanting my production hub have neatly separated lanes and containers for every resource.

I needed a way to sort a mixed container into separate resource containers.
Did some googling and reading. And it all sounded that it is not particularly stable. And once you have overflow of one resource container it all crashes and burns.

So was born the idea for:


Technically they are a new type of fabricator that

takes 1 resource of type x.
fabricates one resource of same type x.
for all 39 required resources for manufacturing
plus He3
plus all 30 manufactured goods
Very fast. 2-2.5k per minute.
1500 internal storage capacity for convenience

So if you have a mixed container with Aluminum and Iron. You can use them to separate Aluminum and Iron into 2 separate containers.
One containing only Aluminum. One only containing Iron. If you have overproduction of Iron.
None will ever land in the Aluminum Container.
The overproduction will backup in the mixed container.

Magnus the Magnate's Outpost Production Shenanigans - Sorters Splitters Skimmers Sellers V3.1

Or if you have all 39 required for production resources in an incoming container like Mangus.
You can sort them into 39 separate containers by using 39 Sorters, each with the corresponding “recipe” selected via the Interface (like Greenhouse/Husbandry).

Overproduction leads to containers filling up bugging down the production chains

It is quite unavoidable. Unless you want to spend insane amounts of time on finetuning by adding/removing standard fabricators and harvesters one by one. That some resources will be overproduced. Same goes for interim manufactured goods. They will start filling up buffer containers. And clog up the production machine.

As a result Magnus the Magnate had to run all over the place periodically to remove the overproduction by hand.

Not very Magnate-y.

So was born the idea of


Technically they are just like Sorters. Just ten times slower.

Say you have an overproduction of Iron. With time

The Iron containers will fill up.
The Iron Sorter internal container will fill up.
The incoming buffer will fill up.
The incoming cargolink container will fill up
The incoming cargolink can’t bring in any resources anymore
The hole production crashes and burns

By connecting either the incoming buffer. Or to the Iron sorter as input to the Skimmer(Iron). And connecting that one to your outgoing cargolink. You can skim part of your overproduction away and fly it out.

Fabricators needing Iron/Sorter_Iron/Skimmer_Iron will run in parallel every time new Iron comes in.
Even if they are set up sequentially. All fabricators including Sorter/Skimmer/Seller see all the containers connected upstream in the outputlink chain. And consume appropriate resources from ANY of the upstream ones.

So if 1100 Iron come in. Sorter/Skimmer run in parallel. Sorter is 10x faster than Skimmer. So Sorter consumes 1000 Iron. Skimmer consumes 100 Iron and sends it to the outgoing cargolink for storage/selling. 2,3,5,100 can be used in parallel.

Basically one Skimmer will remove 10% overproduction. 2 will remove 20%. 10 will remove 100%. But smarter to use a Sorter instead of 10 Skimmers for such crazy overproduction….

Magnus the Magnate's Outpost Production Shenanigans - Sorters Splitters Skimmers Sellers V3.1

Ferrying goods and selling at merchants is not very Magnate-y

A magnate has bulk sell agreements. And selling stuff happens automatically.

Which is the source for the idea of


Sellers consume x resources of type y at a time and produce a Credstick worth z Credits.
Credsticks can be retrieved from the sellers inbuilt container. Go into your inventory when you do that under MISC. And can be sold.

Alternatively there are 2 special containers included in the mod.
One that looks like a credstick. But is an actual container.
Another looks like a GalBank Tresor Chest thingie from Quest…

IMPORTANT Fabricators see all containers upstream in the output link tree up to the cargolink.
And will sell any and all upstream connected corresponding goods and resources.
Even if 90% of those were meant as input for production of other goods!!!!!!!!

Best to have all the things you want sold shipped to a separate outpost that does not do anything but selling.

The original idea was simple. Make a new type of fabricator. That takes a resourceX and produces Credits.
Well…as the old saying does not go: No idea survives contact with reality…

Credits are a bit special. And can’t be fabricated to go directly into your account. CredSticks can be fabricated though. Go into inventory. And can be sold. Not perfect. But feels a bit more Magnate-y. And upside is. Commerce Skill gets applied automatically.
Fabricators are borked. There is a field that says how many of an item should be produced. But it is utterly ignored.

So if a fabricator is supposed to consume one Aldumite and produce 84 CredSticks worth 1 Credit each. It will only produce 1. Shit sell price for Aldumite.

With prices of different resources and manufactured goods being at times utterly insane (more about that later) and all over the place.
I decided to do some rounding and just crate CredSticks worth 1000,3000,10000 and 30000 Credits.
And sell x amounts of resourceY at a time to get to these values.
Correction of non-sensical prices

Organic resources are so much more work to set up. But dont sell for more than inorganic ones. So I upped them quite a bit
Manufactured good prices are just flabbergasting.
Some manufactured goods sell for 4x the crafting costs.
Others for only a third of the crafting cost. Yes. You spend hours setting up a production chain for the rare manufactured goods. You loose 60% of your money compared to just selling the raw materials!!!!!!!!

Did some spreadsheet calcs and came up with these prices: Sell prices

Basically upped Organics quite a bit. And manufactured goods have a manufacturing bonus over craft cost depending of tier of 4,8,32,64 Credits.


There are no separate specific Splitters. But Sorters and Skimmers can be used to split resources/manufactured goods.

Say you have an Outpost that only makes one good that is then needed by two different outposts making next tier goods requiring that one.
Put 2 Sorter/Skimmers in parallel. One going to cargolink A the other to cargolink B.
Need a 2/3, 1/3 split? Use two Sorter/Skimmer going to Outpost A. One going to outpost B.

Only difference between Sorters and Skimmers is how fast they process resources. Sorters at 10x the speed of Skimmers.
So if you have very fast influx of a resource you need to split and Skimmers can’t keep up. Use Sorters instead of skimmers.

Magnus the Magnate's Outpost Production Shenanigans - Sorters Splitters Skimmers Sellers V3.1

PSA: Doesn’t seem to be perfect 50/50. When splitting 2948 Aluminum. Got 1469 in one Container. And 1479 in the other.

Credit Containers

The created CredSticks can go into mixed/universal Containers. Like the ones from Spice Mod. Or the Transfer Container.
But I didn’t feel right. So I added two new Containers that can only hold CredSticks:

CredStick looking one. Very small. Which makes it so once output links are connected you can’t move it anymore in Outpost Edit mode. Place it on a table. And move table instead. For better looks. Go console. Click on it to get itemid and do itemid.setscale 3
GalBank Credchest looking one.


It’s just an esm. Doesn’t overwrite any game formids. Requires the SKSE and plugins.txt enabler.

If you have ModOrganizer2. Just click the download link. Then install as per usual.

If you don’t. No idea. Never used anything else but MO2.



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