Hair Overhaul V1.0

Hair Overhaul

Complete hair and beards retexture + other edits to make the hair look gorgreous! Optional new colors!
Requires RTFP.

What’s overhauled?
Every hair and most of beard textures were fully remade from scratch by me to be more high quality, resulting in 232~ textures for hair, and ~34 textures for beards, this count includes optional custom hair colors textures.
I have thoughtfully tweaked hair material values to make the hair more reflective and better in general; transmission, specular values, roughness and everything like that.
Some of the low-res vanilla stubble textures that are overlayed on the skin is slightly reduced to make the beards look better.
Made with RTFP: Minor AVM modulation edits to make the hair cap masks (texture that is overlayed on skin) match hair color; no cap masks textures were changed. Also, I have tweaked the transmission color value.
Made with RTFP: This one is major: AVM modulation edits to roughness of the hair. Without it, the hair may appear not really reflective (or too reflective), or may look incorrectly in general.

What will conflict?
Nothing too critical.

Most that are overwriting AVM changes of the hair modulation AVM (Modulation_Hair_Roughness, etc.) may make some of this mod’s hair modulation AVM changes stop working, as this mod is overwriting some of these values.
Other hair retextures, obviously.

Optional hair colors
Three new colors (Real Time Form Patcher):

Rose gold: A nice pink color.
Pearl: May appear white in sunlight, but is actually really multicolored, this is better seen in the shadows.
Light blue: Pastel blue color.

Why RTFP (Real Time Form Patcher)?
The way RTFP works makes it easier to avoid conflicts.

How is it made?
Textures were rendered in Blender and edited by hand where needed. It took a lot of time, actually!:)

Will it work with the mods that add new hairstyles?
If those hairstyles use vanilla textures (most likely yes), then it will work!;)



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