Cargo Hab Modules Give Cargo Space V1.1.1

Cargo Hab Modules Give Cargo Space V1.1.1

Ever thought it was stupid that those gigantic cargo habs gave no cargo space to your ship? This fixes that!

There are two versions of this mod, one that adds shielded cargo, and one that doesn’t.

Cargo values are as follows:
1×1: 200
2×2: 1,000
2×3/3×2: 1,500
3×3: 2,000

1×1: 100
2×2: 750
2×3/3×2: 1,000
3×3: 1,250

Along with this, it DOES increase the mass of these modules for the sake of some semblance of balance:

1×1: 10
2×2: 20
2×3/3×2: 30
3×3: 40

These are just basic numbers I tossed together that sounded good that are supposed to be good enough, I’m fully aware that not all of them make sense in relation to realism. The trade-off to using these over the cargo modules is that they are a lot lighter, they just take up more space. Hope that makes sense!


-First, you’ll need Nukem’s Plugins.txt Enabler installed and running. I personally have this setup with MO2, though other methods also work.
-Once you have that setup, simply add it to your plugin list, and all the habs will have the new values!
-Both files come with two ESMs, one of which adds the Storage 1×1 Hab to also have cargo. Enable this ESM in your load order if you want that, or don’t if you don’t!

Small tidbit: I do not, and have not ever used Vortex, so if there needs to be a different structure with that (for some reason, not sure why there would) I have no idea what it would be. If anyone knows the differences between the two and can help me with the installer (if needed), feel free to instruct me there.


Just remove the ESMs from your load order, or delete them. These plugins do not add any new records, they only edit already existing records, so it is 100% safe to remove at any time.


This mod is compatible with anything that does not edit these specific hab modules and its stats. If it does, you made need a patch.



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