Customizable Ship Interiors V1.0

Customizable Ship Interiors V1.0

This mod is experimental and stability has not been proven. Use at your own risk.
Create a save before enabling, and know that anything can happen and you may have to go back to your old save.


Enables Builder Mode inside ship.Allows to customize your ship interior, or any interior in game, and you can move and rotate any items inside the ship with precision!

Note: This mod disables achievements.
To avoid this, use the Baka Achievement Enabler.


1.When you edit your ship in Ship Builder every object you placed gets deleted (you can switch home ships with no problem)


Extract the ZIP file into your game’s root “/Starfield” (same folder where Starfield.exe is located)
Open your game
Get inside your ship interior
I recommend going to a place where the spawned panel wont be much visible because of aesthetics
Open console and type “bat customship”
Look under your character there should be panel spawned that allows you to use Builder Mode then press “E” to enter Build Mode ( You can use your Scanner by pressing “F” and then pressing “R” to Decorate)



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File File size
rar Customizable Ship Interiors-1-0 105 B
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