StarWars Laser and Particle Weapon Sounds V1.1

StarWars Laser and Particle Weapon Sounds V1.1

All Laser and Particle Weapons on ships sound like the Star Wars tie fighter.

Above video is from SPARTAN747wastaken, where I originally got the sound files. All laser weapons should sound like that.

If a laser’s or particle’s sound doesn’t sound like it should or only sometimes sounds like it should than please tell me which one is being an issue.

How to install:

Drag and drop the data folder into Documents\My Games\Starfield:

Also make sure to paste this into your StarfieldCustom.ini which is also in Documents\My Games\Starfield:


If you don’t have an ini file, make one by creating a new text document and rename the whole thing to StarfieldCustom.ini .



Download mod

File File size
zip Mod - Now with particle cannons-1-1 35 MB
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