Space Glock – Alliance P80 Pistol V1.0

Space Glock - Alliance P80 Pistol V1.0

Adds a Glock-like Standalone Pistol to the game, with the option to replace the Sidestar.

Main Info
The Alliance P80 is a tactical no-frills pistol designed to pair up with the Sidestar, a tactical full-of-frills pistol. It’s a completely original design by the Alliance weapon engineers updated to the XXIV century. (If you are one of the 1% that know about the PFC P80 ignore this last sentence).

The Standalone version can only be acquired through console, type: “help pfc 4 weap” and then: “player.additem xxxxxxxx 1”

The weapons features:
– A bunch of attachments, like 7 Sights, 4 Lasers, 5 muzzles, Ext mag, Frame and Slide color separately…
– Standalone version, and an option to replace the Sidestar
– Option with the Eon animation and with the M1919 animation

More Info
The main idea of this mod is to provide a more realistic weapon design that I believe fits the Alliance manufacturer’s aesthetics. I didn’t want to make a normal Glock cause the design is too common and I believe would not fit the set as good as this Glock knockoff, which looks super futuristic with these angled serrations.

The mod utilizes the amazing model by 8sianDude, with Vanilla attachments mostly, but I tried to use the game’s original variety which is great, that means we have 4 red dots with three different reticles.

Technical Info
– Mod is all packed into BA2, so it should load fast. Some textures are 4k, most attachments are 1k or 2k.
– The weapon is a complete Standalone .esm and meshes and textures, which means it won’t conflict with anything else.
– The leveled list integration is a hard edit, which means that will conflict (non-harmful conflict) with any mod that changes the same LL entry.



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