Spaceship Engine Overhaul V1.0

Spaceship Engine Overhaul V1.0

Starfield Ship Engine Overhaul

I love the ship builder, but especially for engines, it feels like it lacks variety. Due to that, I decided to change it.

This mod is a Work in Progress.

The overarching changes will be done per manufacturer.

Slayton will not get any bonus, as they are objectively the best. All engines are 2 power

Reladyne, the manufacturers of the white dwarf series, will get a +30 buff to max speed for all of their engines. So all of their A class now have 180 speed. All B have 170, and all C have 160. All engines are 3 power

Panoptes, manufacturers of the poseidon series, will get a +1 free pip per engine (Currently 1 extra reactor power). This means they are the most efficient engines by far, allowing more power for other systems. All engines are 4 power

Amun Dunn, the manufacter of the amun dunn series, gets a 50% buff to all boosts. Be the winner of every dogfight. All engines are 3 power.

This mod also adds 2 new Engines. The Ares DT70 and Amun-8. Both of these lines never had an experimental engine, so I decided it was fitting to give them an extra engine to play with.

Each tier 4 engine will get a “special ability” of sorts. This is because Experimental Engines should feel unique.
Currently none of these are implemented, but possible ones are

Higher Boost Speed
Faster Boost Regen
More Boost Fuel
Strafe Bonus

Some other boni might be possible, but I am unsure what would be most fitting.

I’d love to add things like “Regen shield during boost”, but this requires a lot more logic and effort. If you got any ideas on what to add, feel free to leave a comment.

This mod is a .esm file.
Mod Manager install: Everything should work without issues. Just download and enable
You might need to download and enable Plugins.txt enabler though.

Manual install:
– Download and install Plugins.txt enabler
– Go to %localappdata%/starfield
– add shipengineoverhaul.esm to the plugins.txt file.

Done. It should now work.



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