Ammo Crafting V1.1

Ammo Crafting V1.1

Having trouble finding that ammo for your old Earth weapon? Finding it difficult to keep your Magshear properly fed? Are your outposts producing resources just so you can grind some XP with adaptive frames no one will ever use? Fret no more my firend! Put those resources to work and grind some experience you can actually use! Craft ammo, mines and grenades at your nearest industrial workbench for fun and profit!

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK – xEdit is still experimental at this point. I have added and removed the mod mid-game with no issues, but if you brick your save that’s on you. Make a hard save prior to installing that you can roll back to if you experience issues.

Version 1.1 added mines and grenades and seriously changed the crafting requirements to add a little more balance and difficulty. See the version 1.1 requirements list in images for all the changes.

The following recipes are available:

Ballistic Ammo – Requires copper, lead & benzene (as propellant) and Ballistics Rank 1 or 2.

.50 Caseless
Shotgun Shell – Caseless
Shotgun Shell – 12g
Shotgun Shell – 15×25 CLL
7.5mm Whitehot
6.5mm CT
11mm Caseless
12.5mm ST Rivet
.45 ACP
.43 Ultramag
.27 Caliber
7.77mm Caseless

Ballistic Explosive Ammo – Requires copper, lead, tungsten & benzene and Demolitions rank 1 or 2.

40mm XPL
11mm XPL

Ballistic Magnetic Induction Ammo – Requires aluminum, iron and cobolt and Ballistics rank 2.

.50 MI Array
6.5mm MI
.43 MI Array

Laser Ammo – Requires lithium, helium-3, neon & cobolt for battery power and Lasers rank 1 or 2.

1.5kV LZR Cartridge
3kV LZR Cartridge

Fuze Ammo – Requires lithium, ionic liquids, chlorine & cobolt for battery power and Lasers rank 1 or 2.

Light Particle Fuse
Heavy Particle Fuse

Explosives – Each requires 4 materials to make and Demolitions rank1 through 3 depending on item.

Fragmentation Grenade
Impact Grenade
Particle Grenade
Shrapnel Grenade
Cryo Mine
Fragmentation Mine
Inferno Mine
Stun Mine
Tesla Pylon
Toxic Gas Mine

Version 1.0.1 is available for those who just want the basic ammo recipes.

I am open to suggestions on making improvements to either components, quantities produced, perks required, etc.

Mod requires Plugin.txt Enabler and/or setting the file in the StarfieldCustom.ini (credit to 0arisaka0)

you need to add lines to the Starfield.ini and StarfieldCustom.ini to work

add this to the [General] sections
…where X is the number of .esp/.esm you need loaded, starting at 1

so if this is the first file you have it would be…

Plans include an automated manufacturer for outposts.



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