TN’s Hab Shells V1.0

TN's Hab Shells V1.0

Attach shells to your habs so that you can make the exterior look like any manufacturer while the internals are from another manufacturer. Finally, you can make the external section different than the internal, and so much more than that! You will be able to ‘shell’ multiple habs to look like one hab, and more.

This mod adds exterior shells using the exterior look of the various manufacturers (Deimos, Hope Tech, Nova Galactic, Stroud-Eklund, and Taiyo).
The shells come in different sizes from 1×1 to 3×3.
Includes the HopeTech fuselage’s as shells for any 1×1 hab.
The shells are modular, allowing you to put a 3×3 shell over 3 3×1 habs that are placed side by side, or many other combinations. Hide the fact you have several 1×1 habs in a row by using a 2×1 or even 3×1 shell over them.
Habs retain their original exterior if you don’t put a shell on them, so NPC ships and your own ships are unaffected until you put a shell on them.
The original exterior will show in the ship builder, but will hide itself once in game.
Works with many modded habs, as long as they still use the exterior sections from the vanilla habs. No patches are needed.

You will need to edit your StarfieldCustom.ini to include the following section if you have not already done so from another mod. This is necessary so the shells and the habs can share the same space:


There is a version that uses the Ship Builder Categories community resource, and one without. If you use the SBC version, you will find the shells in the category ‘Habs (Shells)’, otherwise, they will just in Habs.


Unzip the archive and put TNHabShells.esm into your Starfield/Data folder (most likely under Documents/My Games/Starfield/Data), or let your mod manager install the file.
Ensure that archive invalidation is enabled in your StarfieldCustom.ini. (Look below if you don’t)
Install Ship Builder Categories. (Optional; for the SBC version.)
Either add the line sTestFileX=TNHabShells.esm under the [General] section of your StarfieldCustom.ini file (With X being replaced with the next available number 1-10), or add *TNHabShells.esm to your Plugins.txt file if you have the plugin.txt enabler. (Ensure it has the * in front of it.)
Install Baka Achievement Enabler and SFSE if you don’t want achievements disabled.

If you haven’t already done it for another mod, this is what needs to go in your StarfieldCustom.ini:



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