Inner Thoughts V0.4.1

Inner Thoughts V0.4.1

This mod is a simple fix, no weird external monologue telling you what you can and can’t do, now it’s your own inner thoughts. Much scarier.
with no nasty .BAT files to run or any manual effort. Drag and Drop 🙂

Let’s keep it simple. When you think, you don’t think in the 3rd person unless you’re insane.
Which… maybe you are, but if not, this mod will make you feel slightly more immersed.

What does “Inner Thoughts” Do, or seek to do?
Well starfield insists on telling you or your character how they feel / experience the world, but I mean I’d rather my character, being a solitary lone entity in the vacuum of silent space, be able to make their own observations. Like why in the quest menu is everything written in first person, but when I’m unable to fast travel, a strange entity speaks to me. This isn’t Baldur’s gate, I don’t have a silent dungeon master telling me what’s up.

Essentially this mod replaces every instance of the game saying ‘you’, with ‘I’ in as immersive a way as possible.
For Example,

“You cannot fast travel from here”
“Something is holding me to this place, I can’t leave just yet”

Or alternatively it rewrites crap like this, with a realistic thought. (in future versions I’d love to make profiles to fit what sort of character you’re roleplaying)
“The vendor doesn’t have enough credits for this transaction. Would you like to trade anyway?”
“They can’t afford this, should I cut them a deal for what they have left?”

This mod, like many others without a creation kit is a work in progress.
As there is no easy way to guarantee I’ve gotten every little nook and cranny of files, I’ll be updating this mod as I go. I’m not using any nasty .BAT files or crap like that, just good ole simple, load a file.

This mod will have conflicts I’m sure with anything that edits the .strings files, in fact I think the only other mod to do such a thing may be one I use. I’m too lazy to confirm it so if somebody happens to notice any changes to names of items, please let me know, so I can fix it.

How to Install?
Before we start, you need to decide if you’re a Documents folder kinda gamer, or a base directory gamer. So far I’ve seen some modders state that they’ll only support one way, personally I don’t think it matters whatsoever for this mod, excepting the fact that you continue to use the way you were already using.

Documents Gamers:
Unzip the folder and yeet it into “C:/users/yournamechump/documents/starfield/”
It should merge with your existing data folder or make one in your starfield directory.

Directory Gamers:
Unzip my sweet summer mod and throw it violently into your game directory. Which is realistically gonna be
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield”

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, especially if you have an idea for better wording or you see something I’ve missed. Just drop a comment or message me, I’ll sort it.

Before creation kit; BCK
I’d like to make different versions of the mod with different personas to match your character. Be it pirate speak, gamer speak, idiot speak, you name it.
I’d also like to make sure I didn’t miss anything.
I’d like to make a .fomod installer so you silly little gamers can just hit install and pick your persona with no hassles alongside having manual files

Post creation kit; PCK
only one thing. Selecting your inner voice when you create your character, so everything is seamless and organic.
Per character inner voices are a big deal to me, it would be nice to have it align with different RP styles.

Known Issues
– File conflict (Starfield_en.STRINGS) with Icon Sorting Tags – Starfield Edition (I love this mod so I’m working on a patch)

[ please drop a comment or report in the bugs sections if you have any conflicts or issues, with modding being what it is right now, It’s pretty much a manual process]



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