PranUI V1.3

PranUI V1.2

This modification made small, useful additions and changes to the Starfield UI. Currently it includes an improved, more detailed quick container inventory, a colorized health bar and a numerical XP progress display in the character menu. It is (or should be) language independent.

language independent

More detailed quick container inventory (hudrolloveractivationwidget.gfx)

added item category display
added item value display and multiplier
added item weight display and multiplier
made the list entries more compact

Colorized Healthbar with health counter (playerhudcomponents.gfx)

changed red color health state to 25% or less (before it was 30% ? )
added orange color for health states between 25% and 50%
added a health counter for a more precise health display
all health related hud elements change to the color of the current health state

Numerical display in the main character menu (datamenu.swf)

activated the display for the current XP points and the next XP level
activated the display for the current health points and the max health level

How to install:
1.Unzip the swf/gfx file(s) to the …Starfield/Data/interface directory

2.Create (if it’s not exists) and open the ‘StarfieldCustom.ini’ in the
C:\%USER%\%USERNAME%\%DOCUMENTS%\My Games\Starfield directory and add the following
lines at the end of the ini file:




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