Paved Akila – Redux V1.0

Paved Akila - Redux V1.0

Sick of tracking mud back into your ship and wish Akila had more dry ground in general? This mod overhauls Akila’s main strip in an attempt to modernise the city a bit more while maintaining its “Western Charm”.

In response to recurrent outbreaks of various preventable waterborne diseases, and mounting pressure from the people of Akila for better sanitation within the city, the Council of Governors were compelled to act.

Bankrolled primarily by Ron Hope, the city’s main strip has undergone extensive redevelopment to remove standing water and other vectors for disease spread. The redevelopment has has received mixed responses, with some citizens complaining that this is a sign that the Freestar Collective is becoming more like the United Colonies every day. Others welcomed the reprieve from frequent illness with many commenting that it just makes the city feel nicer and more welcoming in general.

There are already rumors circulating that The Council are planning to extend the scope of the redevelopment to include other areas of Akila over time.

– Drop both files in your Starfield/Data folder
– Enable PavedAkilaRedux.esm in your Creations Load Order



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