Ryujin Apartment 306 – Furnished V1.1

Ryujin Apartment 306 - Furnished V1.1

Furnished version of Ryujin Apartment 306 by @mwgyn! For those who are frustrated with the lack of furniture and decorations the game gives us, or simply are too lazy to decorate themselves.

I’ve stumbled across this lovely mod the other day and wanted to do a furnished version of it, here it is!
It is themed around being a Ryujin Operative and unlike the Mercury Penthouse or Core Residence it does not feature all the workbenches, as it is more meant to be an actual home rather than a base.
To unlock it, read the note in front of the door to being your search. More info about that can be found on the Ryujin Apartment mod page by mwgyn!

I am open for suggestions and feedback! If you encounter any issues, please create a bug report on this page.

It is not possible to move or remove any of the placed furniture and
decorations besides items that can normally be picked up (like food,

1x Crate with 1000 capacity (behind the bedroom door)
5x Weapon Racks
3x Mannequins for Spacesuits and/or Clothing
2x Coolers (in the fridge)
1x Safe in the bedroom
1x Small Storage Box

There are no workbenches or crafting stations except for a custom made Weapons Workbench. The space didn’t really allow it and it doesn’t really fit the vibe of the place either.

Before you install this mod, make sure you remove all placed objects and clear any inventories in the apartment!
!!! Make sure you installed Ryujin Apartment 306 !!!

Either install with your favorite Mod Manager or simply drop the files in Starfield/Data.
Place the furnished version below RyujinApartment.esm in your load order

Updating the Mod
Updates usually don’t touch any of the storage containers and objects, but to be on the safe side I recommend removing all items from any storage containers and objects, leaving the area and then update the mod to avoid any issues.
To make the emptying less of a problem, enable godmode via the command tgm in the console (to open the console hit the tilde key, or ö on German keyboards. No idea what the key for other languages is) This removes any weight limit. To disable it, just type tgm again or reload.

Not compatible with any mod that modifies the interior of this apartment.
Nothing else got touched by this mod.


mwgyn for providing the empty apartment as mod

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