Streamline Native (Frame Gen – DLSS – Reflex Integration) V1.3

Streamline Native (Frame Gen - DLSS - Reflex Integration) V1.3

Streamline native provides Nvidia DLSS, Frame Generation, and Reflex integration within Starfield’s engine code. A modified settings menu allows for customization while ingame and playing. No external configuration files necessary. Starfield Script Extender is required.

DLSS Upscaling and DLSS FG Required Files

nvngx_dlss.dll and nvngx_dlssg.dll must be downloaded and placed in the “nv-streamline” directory for DLSS features. View the image above for a high quality MS Paint-based tutorial.

– Alternative upscaling mods are not supported and WILL crash your game. Uninstall them first.
– AMD cards do not support Nvidia features. The game may still run correctly on AMD and GTX 1000 series cards.
– ReShade and Special K are supported. However, they haven’t received extensive testing and may not be fully compatible.

This mod does what it says on the tin. It enables support for Nvidia’s Frame Generation, DLSS, and Reflex using the Streamline SDK. It also embeds custom options in Starfield’s Display settings menu, which are automatically saved. Please see the above screenshots for a full list of features.

In an attempt to mitigate crashes and hangs, various hooks are used in game code to patch some threading issues. This is by no means a complete fix, but it’s been relatively stable according to testers.

Yet another dumb upscaling mod. Hopefully Bethesda picks up the pace and implements it themselves.

SFSE Installation
Extract & install as you would any other SFSE mod. The final directory should resemble these paths:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield\Data\SFSE\Plugins\StreamlineNative.dll
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield\Data\SFSE\Plugins\nv-streamline\sl.interposer.dll

SFSE Uninstallation
Delete “StreamlineNative.dll” and the “nv-streamline” folder as mentioned above.

Troubleshooting/SFSE Logs
Log files are stored under your SFSE documents folder. e.g. “Documents\My Games\Starfield\SFSE\Logs\StreamlineNative.log”


Expired, Ersh, and various friends that helped test.

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