Immersive Explosives Sounds – I.E.S V1.1

Immersive Explosives Sounds

Replaces the explosive priming and throwing sounds of both mines and nades to something much more sci-fi. Whether it’s more immersive is ultimately up to you to decide.

This mod is a W.I.P and will get continuous updates as feedback and more modding tools emerge.


Activate Archive Invalidation

Use a mod manager, or simply place the Data folder inside your My Games/Starfield folder. This is the in the main directory, not in the main directory.

All optional files should be installed and told to overwrite the Main File.

If you want less clutter in your My Games, you may need this mod or this mod in order to enable the main directory file path. Highly recommend!


Not really a bug, but I have figured out how to add a timed “warning” sound to grenades, similar to Trepang, but without proper modding tools I didn’t implement it because it sounds completely off with impact grenades and mines. Expect it to be implemented when those tools arrive.



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