Alliance H9 Pistol – Sidestar Replacer V1.0.1

Alliance H9 Pistol - Sidestar Replacer V1.0.1

Replaces the SideStar with the H9 Pistol. Has over 40 attachments.

Main Info
The Alliance H9 is a Compact-Flagship-Pistol for the UC branches that adopted it. The 9x19mm Ultra is an over pressured cartridge compared to his old cousin 9x19mm Parabellum, and can be found on vendors all across the Settles Systems.

– Replaces the Sidestar with a 9x19mm H9 Pistol. You can find the new ammo with enemies or with vendors;
– Requires PAF so that you can have all those sweet attachments;
– Requires Swap Mods so that you can reattach and swap attachments.

More Info
Yes, this is a Hudson H9 for those of you who know it. I found the design super futuristic and would fit well with the Alliance’s overall aesthetic. To me is one of the most futuristic gun designs to date, along with the Laugo Alien and a couple others. A shame the pistol is sheet in real life, but it isn’t in-game!

The Eon, the Rattler and the Novalight are the next ones to be replaced, stay tuned!

Tech Info
– Mod is all packed into BA2, so it should load fast. Some textures are 4k, most attachments are 1k or 2k..
– It replaces the SideStar so there is no need to

Pistol Attachment Framework – PAF – Required.
Swap and Save Weapon and Armor Mods – The Good Ol’ Fallout Mods Restored – SFSE – OLD Version only. Required for the attachments to be swappable.



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