Halo Reach DMR V1.1

Halo Reach DMR V1.0

Keep in mind this is my first ever doing a weapon mod replacer and getting into 3d modeling so if there is any errors please let me know.

Comes With Sound Effects.

How to install:

Simply drag and drop the data folder into where your game is located.

Also make sure to paste this into your StarfieldCustom.ini which its in Documents\My Games\Starfield:


If you don’t have an ini file make one by creating a new text document and rename the whole thing to StarfieldCustom.ini .

Armor in the pictures MJOLNIR Mark V



Download mod

File File size
rar Halo Reach DMR (Patch 1.1) 70 MB
rar Halo Reach DMR V1.0 70 MB
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