Sligthly Hairy Men and Comfy Underwear V1.0

Sligthly Hairy Men and Comfy Underwear V1.0

I wanted to try myself on a more realistic male body texture. I have then also tried to make the underwear somewhat more comfortable.
It’s my first time doing something in Substance Painter, hope the result is ok for now.
Depending on the light, the effect can vary greatly, atm I don’t think I can do much about it…

Use a Mod-Manager (please…)


Extract the ‘Data’ folder into ‘..\Documents\My Games\Starfield\

Compatible with:
Any mods changing face textures (as long as they are based on vanilla textures)

Not compatible with:
All mods that replace male body texture.
DA – Muscular Male Tone Body Texture – Normal Map 4k
(Can still be used, but then my adjustments to the normal map are missing – just overwrite my mod with the other one).

Textures changed:
All Skin-Colors for naked_body(2k) & hands(1k)
Normal-map for naked_body(2k) & hands(1k)
Roghness for naked_body(1k) & hands(1k)
AO for naked_body(1k)



Download mod

File File size
rar Slightly Hairy Males and Comfy Underwear-1-0 20 MB
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