Zoom and Position Adjustable 3rd Person Ship Camera V1.0

Zoom and Position Adjustable 3rd Person Ship Camera V1.0

Adds hotkeys so you can move the 3rd person Ship camera Left, Right, Up, Down, Forward and Backwards!
Also allowing for Zooming in and out of the FOV camera!

There is one issue with camera position that I have a workaround for and have not been able to resolve which is that the position of the camera will only update after you switch to 1st person and then back to 3rd person again(scroll in and back out in the mouse). If anyone knows of a command that allows for updating the camera, PLEASE let me know!

Ship 3rd Person Camera controls
Num4- Shift Camera to the Left
Num6- Shift Camera to the Right
Num8- Shift Camera to the Forward
Num2- Shift Camera to the Back
Num9- Shift Camera to the Up
Num3- Shift Camera to the Down
Num+- Zoom In FOV
Num- – Zoom Out FOV
Num5- Reset Camera FOV and Position to vanilla

If you wish to modify the hotkeys you can change that in the StarfieldHotkeys.ini file


Before installation, check the files already exist, if they do just add the lines in these files to the existing ones instead of replacing it!
If they do not exist, you can add them to the ./My Games/Starfield/ folder.



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