Laredo M2 9x19mm Pistol V1.0

Laredo M2 9x19mm Pistol V1.0

Standalone and Rattler-Replacer versions are available. Requires PAF.

Main Info
A relic from the XXIII century, the Laredo M2 is a 9x19mm Ultra pistol that served the Free Star Collective as their main sidearm throughout their Akila and Cheyenne expansions. The 9×19 is excellent against pirates and spacers, but against Ashta, they had to aim for the head.

– Standalone and Rattler Replacer versions are available, choose one OR the other, not both;
– Requires PAF to work – All versions;
– Requires RTFP and SFSE for the Standalone version to be distributed to the Spawn Lists.

More Info
The M2 is a fictitious CZ 75ish knockoff, with a bit of other influences. The model by DJMaesen is great and the textures super fitting with the Laredo theme, I added some appropriate markings did some tweaks and that was it. A unique Laredo 1911\CZ75 shiny pistol. Hope you like it!

Tech Info
– The mod is all packed into BA2, should load fast. Main textures are 4k;
– Leveled list integration on Standalone version is conflict-less cause it uses RTFP;
– I will be using RTFP for all my other mods, it requires SFSE (sorry Gamepassers) but it is conflictless.



Download mod

File File size
7z Pistol_Laredo_M2-1-0 72 MB
7z Pistol_Laredo_M2_RattlerReplacer-1-0 72 MB
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