Reticle Customization – RC V1.0

Reticle Customization - RC V1.0

Allows you to change the reticle on all weapons, including optionally on melee weapons.

While working on some of my other mods, I discovered that it was possible to change the reticle used by weapons, so I thought I would make a simple mod that allows you to change the reticle on any weapon to any of the other types in the game, or disable it entirely. This also means you can now put reticles on the Mag weapons, despite not having them be default.

Additionally, there’s an optional file in the download that also allows you to change the reticle on melee weapons. I know not everyone will want to do this/won’t want their melee weapons to appear in the weapon workbench, hence why it’s an optional file.

The options for reticles are:
No Reticle

This works with all weapons in the game without needing any custom patches, and should automatically work with any mod added weapons as well. Unfortunately, the Cutter reticle doesn’t change when you aim down sights like it does with the actual Cutter.

Plugins.txt Enabler – Required to load
Real Time Form Patcher (SFSE) – Required to load



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