Useful Lawgiver V1.0

Useful Lawgiver V1.0

If you are anything like me, and were excited to play a bounty hunting spacecowboy when you first landed on Akila and set your eyes on the futurustic beauty that is the Lawgiver, you were probably pretty disappointed that it wasn’t really better than that Equinox you picked up on your trip with Sarah. I know I was.

It holds very few rounds, it fires slowly, so it should at least pack a punch, right? Nope. Not what the good Bethesda cityfolk had in mind. I reckon they prefer a Beowulf. All it’s good for is looking pretty. I daresay that counts, but I am still of the mind that it should pack a punch. So that’s what I did. I upped the damage a bit (slightly under 40% extra) and increased the effective range slightly. Now the space scoundrels oughta hide when you and your trusty widowmaker show up!



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