Pirate Crew Outfit Replacer V1.0

Pirate Crew Outfit Replacer V1.0

The vanilla Pirate Crew Outfit (ID 0022766D) looks the same as the Utility Flightsuit. This mod replaces the vanilla texture with a skin from my ENHANCE Flightsuit mods. A pair of gloves are also added. The body meshes/shapes are unchanged. However, if you want something more risqué, like this:

Pirate Crew Outfit Replacer V1.0

check out the File section.

You do not need to download the main file using this. This version uses an alternate mesh for female characters, while the mesh for male characters is unchanged. You’ll need a nude skin texture replacer to remove the vanilla bra.

This mod is ESM (light), aka light/small masters.

Download with a mod manager.
Ensure that you have created the StarfieldCustom.ini file in “Documents\My Games\Starfield\” and input the following:

This mod is an outfit replacer and will affect all NPCs (and the player) wearing the Pirate Crew Outfit. The Utility Flightsuit is unaffected. If you want something more customisable with craftable skins, check out my ENHANCE Flightsuits or ENHANCE Slooty Flightsuit.



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