Updated Mario Map for ATS 1.33.x

This map contains the territories of the USA, South America, Hawaii and Japan

Updated for release 1.33
Fixed bugs found
Fixed invisible walls and possible crashes



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FileFile size
7z Oregon288 MB
7z mario_ats_1.332 GB
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6 Comments on “Updated Mario Map for ATS 1.33.x”

  1. This mod crashes the game. Please fix I have put them in order 1 to 8 and still crashes I have no other map mods in Please tell me why this crashes?

    1. it’s prob never going to happen but what imho would be awesome is if you could combine your ATS map with the ETS2 map….i’d pay money for that……

      @Taylor and i bet you havn’t imported and installed the Oregon file have you?

  2. Same problem than Taylor. Version 1.32 was working well (doesn’t work anymore with ATS 1.33).
    I created a new profile, with only Mario Map files 1 to 8. No garage access, game crashes.

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