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DLC New Mexico & Oregon, WA required

Download .scs file then activate it in the Mod Manager


Mantrid – Lousiana completely rebuilt
ShirBlackspots – Texas improvements
Ways71 – Various scenery improvements along I-95

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25 Comments on “COAST TO COAST MAP V2.16.50.3”

  1. There is a great mistake in the file. It is named and saved as a rar-file, but it is a 7z-file.

  2. can u make it so we dont have to have all the dlc’s i have NM i am disabled and cant afford the dlc’s i play this because i cant drive a truck any more thanks gets old in the few states we have

  3. What is happening on the highways it’s like Minecraft with a road down the middle. It’s very basic, I have photos but can’t insert them

  4. Was working with mouse and keyboard, purchased Thrustmaster 150 Steering wheel and now crashes everytime we try to start c2c turned on.

  5. Message 2 – Mon commentaire en date du 17 mars 2020 n’est pas valide pour cette version de jeu 1.38x. J’avais publié pour la version 1.36x. Ce mod pour cette version de jeu 1.38x a été téléversé le 24 juillet 2020. Donc l’ancien a été écrasé ou supprimé. Merci!

    1. Try this card and follow this order :


      Los_Barriles___Puerto_San_Carlos_v2.01 (Addon)

      Coast_to_Coast_v2.10.3(update 01 Feb 2020)

    1. Did you check to see if your system is up to date? Check to see if there is anything on there that may be causing it to crash. Check to see if there are any other mods that you may have downloaded that may have been bad. I had some issues myself because of the mods that may be interfering with it. Or it could be a bug.

  6. So, Im new to these mods. This mod won’t function at all without the required DLC’s right? Or will it just not have all the fancy details like the other states and highways and such?

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