BMW M135I 1.44 – 1.45

BMW M135I 1.44 - 1.45

Fixed green textures
Added new 350 HP engine
Added new ignition key animation
Fixed other animations
Added new wheels
New chassis like a sports car
Wide body, spoiler
Updated icons
Changed sound signal
Pneumatic signal added (you need to hold it for 2 seconds to make it work)

Adapted bmw to current versions of the game
Made the engine sound in fmod format,
Now paint in metallic
As for the control, I also had to add weight so as not to fly off the track,
Raindrops will be visible in the sunroof,
Of course, problems with light were fixed. Registered in my car dealership.
Made opening windows on both sides, inside and out
Fixed a bug when the built-in navigator glared at night

Mod features:

1 – Cabin
1 – Chassis
2 – Engine
1 – Transmission
1 – Interior

paint in metallic
Has no tuning


Author mod: Berkay Pekesen
Author of revision: AJIEHA

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