Actros Plus: New Actros MP4 Cabin Overhaul v 1.7.2 1.46

New Actros MP4 Cabin Overhaul 1.43

“This is an interior replacement mod for the original SCS New Actros 2014. Almost all parts of the interior has been revised or replaced with new models, textures and animations. There are also some new additional accessory-slots inside and outside the cabin.”

Rework of models, textures, uv-maps and animations
ComfortLine, HomeLine and StyleLine
Completely new satnav, aircon, tachograph, fleet-management device and window lift panel
Dashboard lighting / cabin lighting (Activation through beacon-key)
Additional wind-deflectors for side windows
Rework of headlights / xenon and halogen variant
Detachable roof-deflector / aero-kit

missing model locators for 8×4 cabin.
Added roller sunscreen curtains for the driver and navigator
Correction of models locators

-typo in interior definitions

Alteration of the steering wheel
New Carbon Edition for decorating a salon and steering wheel
The surrounding light around the window frame of the roof and connected spots (Starlight), Mix’n’Match
4 setting up 1-Din accessories slot on the ceiling panel, which can be equipped in accordance with your needs.
ATM slot cover, VDO and Fleetboard.
Working vdo showing the current time*, speed and mileage
Fixed errors in interior registration

– Adapted the satnav/radios to the new UI-system
– Added UI-script to make all 4 satnav/radio units working with the infotainment-system
– Reduced amount of satnav/radio variants to 4 units (Please rebuy your unit at the dealer)
– Added original ashtray as accessory

1.2.0 I 2022-07-09
-1.45 Open Beta Update
-backward compatible 1.43, 1.44

Update 12 May:

– Added 3 more types of satnav/radio units including screen variants
– Added separate roof-deflector for compatibility with Schumi’s MP4 Rework
– Added additional halogen headlight
– New control panel on doors for windows / mirrors
– New rubber mats for driver / passenger
– Tweaked dashboard lighting
– Changed accessory-slots for cup/can/bottle holders / beverages coming with an

– Clean-up and/or re-modeling of many meshes
– Re-arrangement or re-creation of almost all of the meshes uv-maps for better tiling
– Many new materials and textures for dashboard, side and door panels (more reflections as we have it in reality, everything reflects)
– New material/optics for Actros StyleLine with better brushed aluminium
– New high-res ambient occlusion maps instead of vcolors
– Reflection and specular layer for the windshield, satnav and aircon display
– Dot-matrix for windshield and sensor housing
– Lit decals now turns on with electric / changed to yellowish color
– New switches for sidepanel (differential, hazard, …)
– Animated and lit switches for differential, truck and trailer lift-axle
– New satnav and aircon models including satnav interface overlay
– New VDO and fleet management models (the panel for it is still WIP)
– Accessory-slots for ceiling and dashboard lighting (activated either by electrics (E) or beacon (B))
– 3-pane setup for windshield rain instead of 1-pane for more density of raindrops (+ no more rain clipping through sunshield)
– New whiper animations that better fits the curvaturs of the windshield
– New Accessory: Wind-/rain-deflector for side windows
– New Accessory: Painted front and side-mirrors
– New headlight lightmask baked from physical lights- and reflection-setup in Blender
– Experimental/STC: Headlights with less texture and more reflections (maybe obsolete with Dotec’s MP4)



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