Abandoned Building Finder (Whispering Egg Helper)

Abandoned Building Finder (Whispering Egg Helper)

Makes finding Abandoned buildings easier to source Whispering Eggs.

While attempting to finish Expedition 4, I only had one last task to perform, finding whispering eggs. First I wandered an airless world for 30 minutes with no luck, then got some planetary charts, but had the luckiest rolls ever, as after a dozen charts I kept finding only the lower percentage stuff from using the chart.

By default, Planetary Chart B, Emergency Cartographic Data, will show one of 5 types of items in the following percentages:
Abandoned  40%
Distress 15%
Distress NPC 08%
Crashed Freighter 08%
Observatory 06%

I put this mod together in about 5 minutes to solve my above frustration. It changes the chance of finding an Abandoned building to 100% and the rest to 0%.

This MOD makes changes to METADATA\REALITY\TABLES\REWARDTABLE.MBIN. If you use another MOD that changes this file, use the included LUA file and AMUMSS to combine them.

If you remove the MOD, the chart goes back to default.



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