Advanced Challenge

Advanced Challenge

This makes Combat a bit harder. Nothing more, nothing less.
This mod does not affect anything else.

– Higher chance (100%) that predators attack player
– More health (150%) for predators
– Sharks can be aggressive
– More health (200%) for scuttlers
– More health (200%) for fiends
– More health (150%) for small fishes
– More health (133%) for big fishes
– Higher Damage (200%) for everything on Derelict Freighters
– Space Enemies attack you longer (10x) before they bail
– Higher Damage (200%) for space enemies
– More health (200%) for Sentinels
– Faster (33%) Attack Speed for Sentinel Drones
– Sentinel Drones can now shoot up to 4 more projectiles (3-8 per salve)
– More health (200%) for Pirates
– Pirate fights are harder [since v.2.0]



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