Biomes Sun Clouds Fog and LOD Tweaks

Biomes Sun Clouds Fog and LOD Tweaks

Realtime (NMS time) Day Length (Optional), Better Detailed Clouds, Slower Cloud Animation, Sun Properties and Planet Fog Adjustments. LOD Adjustments, Optional Lens Dirt Removal.

Not being satisfied with the current implementation of several environmental behaviours / effects this mod aims to improve some of these features.

Day Length can be altered to suit your own preferences. The default is 24hr (NMS Time) day/night cycle.

30Mn = 1800 (game default)
01Hr = 3600
03Hr = 10800
06Hr = 21600
12Hr = 43200
24Hr = 86400 (script default)

NB: There is now a version which leaves the day/night cycle as per game default under optional files

Clouds have been overhauled for more coverage and detail (alternative curves available in the Lua script), slower animation speed and colour bias.
Sun properties have been altered for brightness, saturation, MIE factor and hopefully fixes shadow offsets too.
Sun Size in Space is reduced to give the illusion of it being a great distance away rather than very close.
Planet Fog strength has been increased slightly for a bit more immersion.
Some small but noticeable LOD changes (you can adjust this in script).
Reduces slightly chances of Binary and Ternary Stars
Light Shaft properties have been tweaked for visual appeal.

Where possible / appropriate I have kept all original values for reference.

Modifies the following:

Built with AMUMSS 3.9.5W for ease of merging if you find this useful ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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