GJetpack Trails

GJetpack Trails

This is a collection of new ship trail colors. These work by replacing the green jetpack trail. Install the mod, go to the appearance modifier, select the green trail, and you’ll see the modded color/pattern instead. If you have requests, leave them in the comments.

If more than one color is listed, the first color is the core and the second color is the glow around the core.

You can only install one of these at a time, since they all replace the green trail. If you try to install more than one color, only one will work.



Download mod

FileFile size
zip Black-Blue198 KB
zip White-Red197 KB
zip White-Cyan198 KB
zip White-Blue200 KB
zip White184 KB
zip Purple187 KB
zip Pink-Green194 KB
zip Pink186 KB
zip Gold190 KB
zip Cyan188 KB
zip Black-White193 KB
zip Black-Red196 KB
zip Black-Gold198 KB
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