Almost Perfect Flight V1.4

Almost Perfect Flight V1.4

Changes Ship Flight and Landing Characteristics within Planet Atmospheres and Space.

Ship flight and landings in NMS have always troubled me. So, after much experimenting and reading of values I offer this humble mod for your enjoyment

Allows to hover in atmospheres
More Gentle Landings overall.
Aligns the Anomaly to your ship
Provides Slower AI Trader Flyby

Provides the following changes.

Boost multiplier (3.2)
Boost Falloff (0)
Brake multiplier (0.8)
Min Speed (0.01)
Speed multiplier (2.8)
Pulse multiplier (x4)
Launch Cost (10%)
Landing Curves Modified
Remove Mini Warp Metric Lines
Altitude that triggers Sails Anim
Speed at which Sails Open / Close

So will conflict with any other mod that changes this file.



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