Firearms Overhaul V1.01

Firearms Overhaul V1.0

Dear Sir, I object strongly to the letters on your programme. They are clearly not written by the general public and are merely included for a cheap laugh. Yours sincerely etc., William Knickers.

“New” ammunition system inspired by Fallout New Vegas;
Damage to all firearms have been reworked to be closer to their real-life counterparts;
Accuracy and range edited for all firearms taking into account the ballistic information;
New custom slots added to all firearms that affect your weapons stats, now you are able to optimize your favorite firearms to your liking;
Tonics have been retuned, effect changes and crafting recipes.
Navy Revolver, Elephant Rifle and Improved Bow added to shops;
Fully compatible with Obtainable Bounty Posters and Pardon Letters;

Drag and drop all folders inside the “.rar” file to your lml folder.

Lenny’s Mod Loader
ScriptHook RDR2 V2
Online Content Unlocker



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