Ammu-Nation V1.1 HF

Ammu-Nation V1.0

Ammunition and combat overhaul for NPCs.

Compatible with vanilla or any mod but required for Firearms Overhaul;
Limits and randomizes the ammo count for NPCs between 10 to 30 rounds by default. These values can be adjusted in the accompanying .ini file, which is generated upon the game’s first launch;
An NPC mounted on a horse with a saddlebag can resupply one more time with a random amount of ammo.;
NPCs will now reload one round at a time, taking longer and making gunfights fairer (sometimes reloading is skipped due to vanilla mechanics);
When their right hand or forearm is injured, NPCs will no longer be able to wield a weapon;
NPCs will drop their weapons when they run out of ammo (two-handed weapons only), fall to the ground, are injured, or die.

Just drag and drop the “whm.ammunation.asi” to your game’s root folder(where RDR2.exe is located).

ScriptHook RDR2 V2


wickedhorseman and andr3

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