Tarantino Red Apple Cigarettes Overhaul – UI and Icon Update V5.0

Tarantino Red Apple Cigarettes Overhaul - UI and Icon Update V5.0

Red Apple Cigarettes box retexture and HQ Red Apple branded Cigarettes/cigarillo textures

Check screenshots.

Red Apple Cigarettes from Kill Bill, Four Rooms, Pulp Fiction and many other movies.
Red Apple Regulars from Once upon a time in Hollywood.
Sweet and mild’s from Django Unchained.
Strangely Alluring from Hateful Eight (and also Django unchained its used on a sack of tobacco).
Red Apple 1940’s from Inglourious Basterds.

HQ red apple branded cig textures:
Filtered, No Filter, Cigarillo. Pick your poison. (check screenshots).

Inventory icons and UI name change coming soon!!!

Highly Recommend Smoking Complete, I recommend leaving USE_ALTERNATIVE_CIGARETTE_MODEL to 0 in the ini cause that’s what I’m using in the screenshots I retextured both models of cigarettes though so do whatever you want.

Installation: drag and drop the lml folder of whichever pack you choose into rdr2 root (where rdr2.exe is located)
Required LML
to install the HQ cig files drop the files of whichever cig you choose in lml/stream and overwrite if asked



Download mod

File File size
zip UI name and Icons update 93 MB
zip Cigarette Boxes-4 43 MB
zip High Quality Cigs-1 6 MB
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