A.A.M.P (Artwork Arthur Morgan Project) V1.0

A.A.M.P (Artwork Arthur Morgan Project) V1.0

Bring the Arthur Morgan we see from the official artwork to the game with 4k and 2k textures for face and body

This Mod does a few thing for Arthur:

Loosely makes him like the Arthur we see in the Artwork

E.g: Very dark brown hair, Mean look, scar on cheek

A.A.M.P (Artwork Arthur Morgan Project) V1.0

-Upscales all his face and body textures to 4k and 2k
-No More cowboy acne
-Includes Sick and Guarma Faces
-On top of that adds the new scar onto face maps

adds a lore friendly tattoo to his chest just in the right spot to make it not too intrusive

A.A.M.P (Artwork Arthur Morgan Project) V1.0

I Highly Recommend Using Whyems+EEE and Arthur Morgan Outfit Overhaul for the best experience, and to get the outfit you see in the Screenshots


Place in lml folder and you should be set to go!

I made this to be a super light mod so it doesn’t conflict with many others!
Anything that edits Arthur’s face or body textures will not work with this!

anything that touches shop_items.ymt buuut I edited the shop_items.ymt that is included in Whyems+EEE merge (I did this assuming the majority of people will use Whyems+EEE when using Arthur) if you don’t like the Dark Brown hair or don’t have Whyems+EEE merge go ahead and remove this!

Finally if you are using another mod that edits facial_clipset_groups.xml then you’ll have to choose which one you want more, mean looking Arthur or whatever the other mod is!

WhyEm’s DLC
Eastern’s Epic Extras
Whyems+EEE Merge



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