Elseworlds Ped V1.0

Elseworlds Ped V1.0

When heroes and villains from Elseworlds come to RDR2

Put LML into your game root directory

Enter the game and open the Rampage1.65. Choose a player or generate an NPC. Choose the wardrobe to change the model, customize the input model, and then open the Elseworlds_YMTs folder. Copy the name of the character you want to generate, such as entering Batman to generate Batman, entering Superman to generate Superman, and selecting a custom input model to generate an NPC. You don’t need to search for characters as you won’t be able to find them

Due to a friend’s feedback that they did not have a cloak

Although I wrote a separate asset file, it was only effective on my own. Therefore, I added cloak assets on the basis of WhyEm’s DLC. If you have WhyEm’s DLC three in one, you can try deleting the four files starting with assets first, keeping only Cloak-Assets_drawable.ymt. If you have a cloak, congratulations. If not, keep these four asset files

If there is a conflict, such as the inability to generate characters

It is because you have duplicate metapeds files. Delete other metapeds files and keep only my file, or if you want compatibility, you can open my metapeds file and search for the character ymt name in the Elseworlds_YMTs folder, such as Batman searching for Batman to find it
Omit here
<UNK-MEMBER_0xCFFE931E value=”false”/>
<UNK-MEMBER_0xA5229965 value=”false”/>
Copy these paragraphs to your other metapeds file or my metapeds file, where do you want to copy them
Just copy it to any character’s<Item>or</Item>below it
Note: I have compatible mods in this file that cater to my preferences, such as Jack Marston, Classic Characters, Ambient Gang , Nuevo Paraiso-Mexico mod WIP and NPC Makeover Project and Extended John Marston Animations Therefore, if you have these mods, you can backup and delete their metapeds files

How to become Batman?

The name of the Batman helmet is p_hat_band_003. Rampage1.65 is required
Custom input or search for p_hat_band-003. After flashing, select the bottom option in object management and follow me. Enter 150
The x-axis, y-axis, -0.04 z-axis, -0.99 can be worn on the head


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