The Kiger Mustang V1.0.2

The Kiger Mustang V1.0.1

Add the Kiger Mustang into Red Dead Redemption 2.

Choose between 6 individual coats, or you can download a preset for your lml folder.

The Kiger Mustang is a rare breed of Mustang that is only found wild in the mountain ranges of Oregon State.
Since I am from the beautiful Washington State, Kiger Mustangs are pretty familiar for me.

I have loved the breed since I was a little kid, and have even written a Kiger into the book I’m writing. His name is Cisco, if you know, you know. 🙂

Kiger Mustangs tend to have a lot of personality, and bond very closely with their person, if you are able to prove yourself to them.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you can now have a Kiger Mustang of your very own.

The Preset
The preset included contains all 6 coats currently available (Bay, Black, Buckskin, Claybank, Dun and Grullo), and changes the breed and coat color of the horses the models replace.

To install, download the Preset, extract the files and copy them to your RDR2 Root File. If you already have an lml folder, you can copy the contents into your lml folder.

If you want to change the model names, edit the HorseNames.GXT2 file. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and change the coat names there as well.
If you want to change the Stats, you can edit the pedattributes.ymt file.

Requires: Lenny’s Mod Loader (LML)


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