AMBI Arthur Morgan Beta Inspired V1.31415

AMBI Arthur Morgan Beta Inspired V1.01

A recreation of Pre release arthur, ranging from his trailer outfit, to some beta components like his head, going all the way back to alpha clothing such as his closed gunslinger jacket. Includes custom outfits, retextures, and even custom models.

First, using your prefered rar extractor (zip or winrar) extract the folder into your desktop. Open it and from there and read the readme.

WhyEm’s DLC isn’t needed but it is advised for the full array of features such as undergarments, the Beta Duster with fixed physics or the Closed Gunslinger Jacket under said Beta Duster.

John Marston Restoration Project – optional but recommended with a whyem merge
Rifle Holster – this is to use the custom beta rifle holster, youll need its weapons ymt if not using the whyem version
WhyEm’s DLC – optional but recommended with a jmrp merge

Mod is still somewhat WIP. There will be updates adding more things, and most likely an update using shop_items and catalog_sp to remove the need for the whyem’s merge and for adding fully new components, not replacing anything.

►Beta inspired Rifle Holster, one size fits all for every gun, courtesy of GuiCorleone.

►Arthurs Face has been completely reworked, his textures are more in the line of his beta textures, his Normal Map, Detail mask, Material maps, Albedo texture, and his Bloodmask have all been redone for all variants. He also has new head models using his famous beta poker image [the black and white one] as a reference for all small changes (such as a stronger cheekbones, angrier expression and more rounded chin).

►The Paisley Vest has been replaced with a new model more along the lines of the Beta Whittemore Vest, having 4 buttons and more of a belly, it also has a panoply of textures to match.

►The Winter Gunslinger Coats have been replaced with an recreation of the Closed Gunslinger Jacket, inspired by the Grave and Colter beta images. And also for fun of it we replaced 2 of the vests in the game with a Closed Gunslinger Jacket edit that can fit below the Beta Duster that now has improved physics! to get the Beta Duster you’ll need to use the WhyEm’s DLC version.

►All Worn Roper Boots have been redesigned more along the lines of my personal taste, and a new more ornate spurs are included.

►We’ve also added a version of Arthur’s hat with the stalker hatband and a roughly inspired cover art photo look. We also have 3 altered vanilla hats with a black, brown inspired by the grave photos, and tan option inspired by a similar hat in Jeremiah Johnson.

►We’ve add a recreation of the Trailer 2 Horse thanks to help by @goldenplaysterraria and my own texture work, we’ve also added a horse in the Valentine Stables heavily inspired by Pie the Horse rode by Jimmy Stewart in most of his westerns

Do not enter the modify menu on the winter gunslinger, for some reason this breaks the menu and you can’t exit it, doesn’t happen for other outfits and i have no idea what causes it. all this means is you cant close the shirt collar and you cant untuck your boots, no other issues ive encountered so far. If you do get stuck I believe hitting pause, journal, story, and replay a mission this should force you out of the menu but not lose any progress.



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File File size
rar AMBI Main Install-1-31415 181 MB
rar Ambi Main Install-1-01 177 MB
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