Micah’s Multiverse Redemption V1.1.2

Micah's Multiverse Redemption V1.0.2

Play the game as Micah Bell in an alternate universe. Inspired from Micah’s Redemption Mod by AlteredBeast, it’s for alternate download and add-on for it only.

Various characters been replaced and you’re now in the story of Gene “Beau” Finley and his gang instead of Dutch Van der Linde.

Micah's Multiverse Redemption V1.0.2

Put the file in your RDR2 directory.
The mod may conflict with any mod using metapeds.ymt and shop_items.ymt. Be sure to put Micah’s Redemption in the bottom of the load order in ModManager.UI.
You can replace the original file of Micah’s Redemption/Wrath with this mod.

Ped Damage Overhaul – Optional
Script Hook RDR2
Lenny Mod Loader

The mod only served as an alternate version or add-on of Micah’s Redemption/Wrath mod from AlteredBeast, there’s so many characters and texts been changed in order to let Arthur and John lived a better life. It’s an alternate universe obviously.

Known Issue/Hints
Same as the original version of the mod.
NPC replaced outfit sometimes clipped out if they’re doing other animation instead of standing, may fix this part in each update.

Changed Characters
Gene “Beau” Finley, Carmela Montez, Jessica LeClerk, “Ratface” Cleet have took over the role of Dutch Van der Linde, Molly O’Shea, Sadie Adler and Sean MacGuire, respectively. Karen and Susan’s face model are changed to one of the bathing ladies and Hector Fellowes’ wife, respectively too.

New characters such as Neil O’Manny, Abby Anders and Shaggy replaced Micah Bell, Cleet and Joe’s OG role.

Mary Linton is renamed to Myra Linton, while her face model is changed to Leon’s niece.

Arthur Morgan, John Marston and the others are at the other chapters, so play this mod to see what kind of their role looked like.

Future plan
Optional: Make Arthur Morgan, Sean MacGuire or Frank Heck to be playable in Epilogue and replacing Joe’s role.



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