Giga-Arthur V1.0

Giga-Arthur V1.0

Carrying the entirety of the Van Der Linde gang on your back is a hell of a workout routine.
Source code in files.

Ever wanted a comically muscular Arthur? Like so muscular it doesn’t make sense for the era? So muscular he looks kind of strange with a shirt on?

Well now you can have him. Still has some clipping around his backside with loose gunbelts, will fix in further iterations. Recommended you pair this with Jotrius’ Super Punch, and/or some of 14n001st’s melee mods for maximum “immersion,” if not realism.

If you want something a bit less…mountainous, there’s the Muscular Morgan mods. V1 remains attached to this page, while the updated variants have their own page.

Install by dragging into the main game directory, like any other ASI file. Only install one mod like this at a time. Installing more mods that use this code won’t break anything, but only one can work at a time.

All have clipping issues if attempting to wear most coats without a shirt, so put a shirt on before putting on a coat.

Does NOT apply to clothing items not fitted to work with Arthur’s body that can be found in mods such as a select few items in WhyEm’s DLC and Eastern’s Epic Extras, as those clothing items seem to change the player’s body model.

I take no credit for the script making this magic happen, and Jakopay was the one kind enough to make the XML file I needed to get this working. I’ll credit the developer the instant they ask, but for now I suspect that they would prefer to remain anonymous.


The Uploader and People Smarter than Him

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