Beyond the Hype Classic Cinema Shader And Preset Reshade

Beyond the Hype Classic Cinema Shader And Preset Reshade

This is a brand new shader effect i made. NOT just a preset, but a new effect to install.

Beyond the Hype’s Classic Cinema Shader & Preset Reshade, To Give RDR2 a feel like you playing in a true classic Spaghetti Western yourself and even roleplay with Max Immersion.

there are 2 files
1) with RTGI
2) without RTGI – for those who dont want or have Pascals RTGI Effects.


– Install the Latest reshade Version [5.4.2] to the game exe “RDR2.exe”

Game Graphics Settings:
– Every setting works with this preset
– NB: If Needed, Set your gamma lighter if the reshade looks darker than the video showcase (each monitors gamma and brightness is different)

My New Custom Shader (Beyond The Hype Classic Cinema Animation Shader (CCA))
– Install the shader (Beyond The Hype Classic Cinema Animation shader) into “Red Dead Redemption 2\reshade-shaders\” folder by just copying over the “ClassicCinemaAnimation.fx” file into the Shader folder and the 4 png Textures into the Textures folder
– NB: whatever resolution you playing at (default is set to 4K 3840×2160), you need to change the resolution in the CCA setting panel under Processor definitions. So if you play at 1920×1080 , change it to 1920 & 1080 accordingly.
– NB: i provided 4 textures (default is “bthcustomgrey20.png”)
– bthcustomgrey20.png
– bthcustomgrey100.png
– bthcustomnogrey20.png
– bthcustomnogrey100.png
– the 20 & 100 relates to the opacity of the scratches and grey cover with 100 being zero opacity.
– the grey and no grey are variations from the opacity
– just change the png name in CCA settings panel under Processor definitions to have a look and maybe u prefer the stronger effect to the default one.
– or wait for my video guide explaining everything and how to install everything.

My Reshade Preset:
– just drop my preset into the folder where “RDR2.exe” is in
– when in game, open reshade menu (Pause Key or Home Key) & select the preset and load it.

Reshade Ray Tracing v0.33:
– you need to get the RTGI from Pascal Gilcher’s patreon for the RTGI preset. the beta (2nd level).

Install Quint MotionVectors
– remember to download the zip
– in Reshade drag this shader effect right to the top above RTGI (RTGI 2nd in the load order of reshade)

(Must Have) Film Workshop Shader (it’s free):
– install this shader ass instructed in the zip you downloaded or wait for my install video guide for RDR2 this week…



Download mod

File File size
zip RDR2 Reshade Shader And Preset file 7 MB
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