Colter V2.0

Colter V1.0

The “Colter” mod enhances the small settlement of Colter by adding dynamic and interactive elements to the environment. This mod brings life to Colter by populating it with various characters and animals, each engaging in unique activities and scenarios. Experience a more vibrant and immersive atmosphere as you explore this now bustling area.

Dynamic Characters: Adds a variety of new characters to Colter, including townsfolk and animals.
Interactive Scenarios: Characters engage in diverse scenarios such as sitting by the campfire or wandering
Enhanced Realism: Ensures all characters are properly placed on the ground and perform their tasks naturally, adding to the authenticity of the environment.
Animal Life: Includes animals like dogs that rest and roam, contributing to the lively setting. And three horses in the stable.

Simply put the ASI file in your game folder.

Requires: Scripthook



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