Hunting Grounds

Hunting Grounds

Brings hunting to the next level.

Dynamic animal sizes
Right now, all animals of the same spiece are at the same exact size. With Hunting Grounds, animal sizes vary, making RDR2’s nature even more dynamic.

Dynamic animals population
Over hunting in a certain area will deplete animals population. If you hunt too many deers in the Heartlands, there will be less deers at that area. Animals’ population will recover over time.

Blood Trail Tracking
To make hunting even more immersive, you can now track damaged animal’s by their blood trail, without going into eagle eye. Both animals and humans will bleed out of their wounds, depending on how bad they are damaged.

Bait Blips
Do you know that feeling when you place a bait, then you move away to cover and don’t know where the hell did you place it? with this feature, after placing a bait, a blip will appear on your map for a short time. If you love the extra challenge, this and all of the other features in this mod can be toggled off independantly.



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