Walking Control Complete V1.5.7

Walking Control Complete V1.3

Rockstar didn’t give us any choices over our walking/running speed. This mod aims to get you closer to the control you would have if you were to play with a controller.

This mod respects the default behaviour and only improves upon it, rather than overriding it.
This in turn makes it feel a lot smoother than other similar mods.

Mod is configurable (through ini file) so you can choose whatever features you want.

1. Light Run: Tap “Shift” to run slightly slower than the standard speed. (Light Run speed is configurable)
2. Running toggle: Tap “Shift” to toggle between running and walking. This is useful if you don’t want to stop abruptly and make the transition smoother. This works with Light Run, regular running(hold “Shift” then release) and custom speed running.
3. Custom speed: Use mouse wheel to “detach” from your current speed and have fine control over the speed. Once you press “Shift” you will return to the default behaviour, so it isn’t as aggressive as other mods. I worked a lot on this feature to make it as non-intrusive as possible.

You can control your speed with the mouse wheel in camps/indoors, but all other features are disabled. So, if you want to run faster in camp, you have the option by scrolling with the mouse. Pressing “Shift” will not make you sprint in camp, you will walk fast. This is by default.

You probably won’t even notice the mod is running if you don’t use the mouse wheel or quickly tap “Shift”.
If you have other similar mods installed, you might want to remove them or disable the features that overlap.
I don’t plan on adding horse support or creating a similar mod(I know some of you might request it).

Requires ScriptHookRDR2 by Alexander Blade
1. Place WalkingControlComplete.asi and WalkingControlComplete.ini inside your game folder.



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