Actually Long Long Barrels V1.1

Actually Long Long Barrels V1.0

Edited the long barrel variants to be as long as they were sold.

These guns I modified typically came out the factory with either 28″ (Auto 5), 30″ (All other guns) and even 32″ on special orders.

I just scaled reference photos of the guns, with their proper lengths, to the vanilla meshes in game and adjusted accordingly. I tried to reposition the bones for the gun fx but just ended up breaking it. I know there’s a way to change it in the text files but idk where it would be.

I didn’t touch the short barrels since most were pretty accurate except for the pump action. I resized the short barrel the same length as the Riot Model of the Winchester 1897

This is my first ever mod so idk how to do the install xml stuff yet for lml stuff
so just drop the ydr files into “Red Dead Redemption 2\lml\stream” of the pieces you want



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